"Everything returns to the origin of life and miracle: the father, the town, and the air, and at the bottom of the tabernacle, the dream of Orpheus winks and caresses us.
Distant Gustavo, companion of joy, we are the flesh of the town, born for destiny: we die with the hope of a beautiful new day, even if they knock down the most beautiful things with stones."

Vicent Valls González.

So says the poet from Cocentaina, Vicent Valls González, "the dream of Orpheus winks and caresses us." Orpheus began to play his lyre and enchanted the boatman to take him to his destination.

This is the music of Gustavo Pascual Falco, a music that brings people together and makes them vibrate. It caresses us, moves us, and above all, enchants us.

The musician from Cocentaina, his town, created simple, humble music, just like Gustavo was. And that is the music that reaches his people, his musicians, ultimately, the town. He was ahead of his time, despite not having the necessary tools and sufficient academic preparation; with all that, and if his health had allowed it, we are sure that he would have reached a very distant horizon.

He is credited with the invention of the current arrangement of music bands in the parades of the Moors and Christians festivals, earning him the title of innovator. As is well known, he is the author of one of the most performed Spanish works worldwide: the pasodoble "Paquito el Chocolatero."

His work already represents a cultural heritage of great value that deserves to be preserved, studied, and disseminated.

But Gustavo's music is not just the mentioned pasodoble. The musician born at the foot of the Sierra de Mariola, despite passing away at the young age of 36, created a range of compositions, mainly dedicated to the Moors and Christians festivals, which are also admirable, as well as creations in other genres such as waltzes, religious music, anthems, etc.

Yes, a young musician who had no substitute stopped living, but his music will never die and will pass from generation to generation.

Let this brief introduction on this website serve as an invitation to get to know the life and work of Gustavo Pascual Falcó. A musician from a small town. Go ahead.

"A cobbler who loves in silences, writes in five lines the signs of his love: damasks, gongs, mahoganies, hells like twilights, crown his heart with the impossible. And the town lives and trembles, and eats chocolate, and an Arab dreams in the distance looking towards the East. Bodies are fading away, and the swallow returns to the nest of its origin, evoking the most passionate kiss."

Vicent Valls González

Verses published on the record released on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Pasodoble "Paquito el Chocolatero." Cocentaina, March 1987.

Hipòlit Borràs Martínez

January 2024